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Call it (Hooker Heels don't pay for themselves)

 Oficially Bored. 9:15 P.M.

    I went to Kubi's tonight. Originally to socialize. I have a job now. I am a hostess. I actually have, just now, gotten back from "The Job". I t was the best, until 9:15, when its all started to slow down. But after that it was pretty relaxed, I did my side-jobs, sat at the bar and drank coke. I wore my hooker heels. Yes. I wore my hooker heels to a hostessing job. Kubi liked them though. Said I should "wear them every night", I said: "Only if you wear a pair, yourself."

    Well, I'm crawling in bed to die. I might go to the arts fest, or I might work...... I had fun tonight.....I might work.

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